Interior design ideas for your garden room

Garden room interior design ideas

You’ve ordered your garden room and now you’re starting to think about interior design ideas and how you’re going to make your garden room unique. Although part of your home, a garden room offers an opportunity to breakaway from the style of the house and try something a little different. Here are some of our top garden room design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

A feature wall

Interior design ideas

This is a great interior design idea that will make a style statement in your garden room. Whether you paint it one vibrant colour, or choose a bold abstract print, oriental pattern, or a fake natural material like stone, wood or brick, it will create the desired effect.  This calligraphy-style wallpaper, which we used in our showroom is from the Bamboo from Designer Wallpapers.


Mix the old with the new

Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new. If you have an old piece of furniture that perhaps has a family story behind it, make it centre stage in your new room and add in a few modern features around it. Although a garden room will often take on a contemporary style, traditional features will compliment the overall design.



Garden room interior design ideas

Well and truly bring the outside in with a few indoor pot plants. Perhaps something low maintenance like a spider plant, Aloe, Jade Plant or for a little bit more colour an orchid – it looks pretty and will last a long time. There’s no need to crowd the room with greenery, but it certainly adds a little character and natural style.


Give your garden room a use

Garden room interior design ideas

Depending on what your garden room is being used for, will affect which interior design ideas will work for your room. There are lots of little details you could introduce to reflect its use. If it’s a music room for example, featuring drums, guitars or a piano, why not put a few old records up on the wall? Or you could have lyrics from your favourite song printed and framed. Take a look at our blog for more garden room ideas.


An oversized feature lamp

Garden room interior design ideas

Oversized lighting is very on trend and you will this mentioned in many interior design ideas, from ceiling and wall lights to freestanding floor and table lamps. They create a focal point and draw your eyes to the centre of the room. Choosing something oversized creates a statement in your garden room but will also serve a useful purpose too. This Alpine Tripod Lamp from Next is simple and stylish but achieves that statement look.


Candles and lanterns

No doubt you’ll spend evenings relaxing in your garden room, maybe even entertaining with friends. Candles create a certain ambience and not only do they look great themselves, they make their surroundings beautiful in the glowing light. Large lanterns, whether they’re wooden, metal or whitewashed, like the NEWPORT metal and wood lantern from Maison Du Monde, look particularly elegant in the evening light but make sure you dot a few smaller tea lights around as well.


A splash of colour

Garden room interior design ideas

If you prefer neutral style in your home, this is the perfect opportunity to experiment with colour. There are plenty of ways to achieve this with a subtle approach. Try featuring a bright piece of artwork, a large ornament with lots of colour or even a vibrant piece of furniture and colourful scatter cushions against a pale sofa.



Nature inspired

Bring the outside in, by featuring elements from your garden. There are lots of subtle ways to do this, from cushions with songbirds on, to pretty floral curtains or framed photos featuring wild animals and flowers. We like this beautiful cushion design from Vintage Designs Reborn on Not on the High Street.


Take inspiration from the outdoors

The best place to take inspiration for interior design ideas is from the outdoors, where you live. Take elements from your location to put together an interior, which reflects that. Do you live by the sea? Choose a nautical décor and go for blues, creams and greys. If you’re in the heart of the countryside, consider whitewashed furniture, floral patterns and rustic decoration.

Need more inspiration? Check out our blogs on choosing a garden design and our top 10 garden room ideas.

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