FREE composite wood decking when you order a garden room

composite wood decking


With a brand new, bespoke garden room and composite wood decking, you’re sure to be the envy of all your neighbours this summer. We’re offering FREE decking to everyone who places a garden room order and quotes FREE DECKING, before the end of August. Better start planning that garden party so you can show off your stylish new space.

About composite wood decking

composite wood decking

Like our garden rooms, composite wood decking is low maintenance and built to withstand years of family use. At Hall’s Garden Living we know first hand what it’s like when there are little feet running around, testing out bikes, scooters and goodness knows what else on brand new decking, but this timber alternative means you don’t have to worry what the children are doing to it when your back is turned. Likewise, if you’re a keen barbecue host, you can be confident that no harm will come to your new decking when you invite the friends and family around.

Free composite wood decking

One of the biggest benefits of composite wood decking is that fact that you also wont have to do a thing to it! There is absolutely no staining, sealing or painting required, saving you more time to sit back and relax in the summer sunshine. That’s not all though, as well as being durable and long lasting, composite wood decking is safe! It’s slip-resistant and splinter-free so you know children and pets will be safe.

Interested in giving your garden room a complete makeover with a stylish new composite wood garden room and FREE decking? Place your order before the end of August and quote FREE DECKING to claim – get in touch today! Not sure what you’re going to use your garden room for, or what to plant around your room? There’s plenty of inspiration on our blog!

Terms and conditions:

The offer includes the supply only of deck boards and edge trim to suit a two metre projection and the width of your garden room. The offer applies to our bespoke garden room range and does not extend to the modular range. We reserve the right to exclude any person from participating in the offer on reasonable grounds and to end the offer or to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The offer is subject to availability. Where applicable, the offer will only continue while stocks last. Offer expires on 31st August.