9 Essentials For Every She Shed

she shed essentials

Your she shed should be a space of peace, calm, tranquility and comfort, the equivalent of the man cave. But what makes it that way? Here are our top she shed essentials to turn your garden room into your dream space.

Bring lots of colour with plants and flowers

she shed essentials

Plants and flowers will not only provide colour to your space but they will add a touch of femininity too. Calming green succulents are very popular at the moment and help to achieve the current hygge trend (the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures). You could opt for colourful indoor pot plants or update the room regularly with different fresh flowers. If you’d prefer a less-maintenance option though, go for a quality artificial display like these bunches from Amaranthine & Bloom.

Beautiful lighting

she shed essentials

You can be really clever with the lighting in your she shed but before choosing the fixtures and where they should be placed, you should decide what you need them for. For example, will you be painting, working at a desk or simply relaxing in your garden room? While the main lighting source can be bright, you can also introduce trendy lamps for the workspace, positioned correctly to ensure there are no shadows. When it comes to choosing the fixtures, you’ll be spoilt for choice as there are many trendy options on the market so as well as the practicality of your lighting choices, the design also needs to blend in with the look of the overall she shed.

A desk

she shed essentials

Got work to do? Create a peaceful workspace away from untidy husbands and curious children. Productivity is certainly increased if your workspace looks beautiful, clean and tidy. Not only that but it will help keep the stress at bay and all in all, maintain a Zen home office to work from. The easiest way to do this is to ensure your desk remains free from clutter by introducing a filing system, pen pots, storage and a just a little of your own person touch to give the room a unique feel.

A stylish sofa & coffee table

she shed essentials

No doubt you’ll invite friends into your she shed for a catch up over a coffee (or a glass of wine) so make sure there’s somewhere comfortable to sit and relax. Choose a subtle but stylish sofa or a set of chairs to take centre stage around a chic coffee table, dotted with your favourite magazines and books. If your she shed will also double as your office, this can be an informal space to hold meetings as well.

Soft furnishings

she shed essentials

Bring character and comfort into the room with pretty cushions, soft rugs and cosy throws. Those evenings when you can escape for a couple of hours of ‘me time’ will call for a good book and snuggle under a soft blanket. You may even allow the family to join you every now and then – the perfect chance for you all to relax together.

Somewhere for your hobbies

Whether you love to paint, play the piano, sew, read, dance or do yoga – this is a space for your hobbies. Make sure you have somewhere to store all your crafts in-progress, there’s space to exercise and the piano that had no place in the house, now takes center stage in your garden room.

The little things

she shed essentials

Fill your room with things that make you happy – this is your very own space after all. Dot scented candles around the room, put up striking artwork, fill the shelves with books, jugs, vases, homewares, coasters, family photos etc. What will make you she shed feel special is when you walk through the door and it fills you with comfort an familiarity

Sensible storage

One of the most important things to avoid is the she shed becoming crowed. There’s a high chance that your garden room with double as extra storage for the house so make sure you are clever with where things are kept. Baskets and boxes, which also look lovely, are a great way of hiding things and shelves are useful for displaying books and décor. There are many clever storage solutions, which look stylish and serve a purpose. How about these super popular Kallax units from Ikea?


While you don’t want to take up all the space in your room, it’s a nice idea to have easy access to essentials such as tea and coffee and maybe a bottle of wine for special occasions. Install a small fridge, kettle, snazzy coffee machine and a shelf for storage and you’ll be all set.

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