9 essentials for every man cave

Have you always dreamt of having a space at home to fill with your favourite things – somewhere you can escape to, shut the door and enjoy complete uninterrupted peace and quiet? Welcome to your man cave, your brand new garden room and this is how to achieve the perfect space.

Personal touches

Firstly, this is YOUR space so fill it with all the personal touches that you will appreciate. Have a think about what items are really important to you, or the touches, which have been forced into the attic – this is a chance to give them a new lease of life. It could be a signed shirt from your favourite sports team, a photo of that sports car you were forced to give up because it wasn’t baby-friendly, trophies and medals from your day on the football pitch, collectable records that you want to keep away from little hands, a record player, which just has no place in the house.

Somewhere to put your feet up

man cave essentials - somewhere to put your feet up

Whether it’s a reclining chair with a space for your beer or one of those sofas you sink into when you sit down, you need somewhere to relax. The man cave is somewhere you can retreat to, to watch a movie, take a late night work phone call, catch up with a friend or indulge in a heated football discussion – whatever the reason; it must be done in complete comfort.

An unnecessarily large flat screen TV

man cave essentials - large TV screen

Just because you can! This is a man cave and you need a ridiculously large TV screen. Gone have the days where you have to fight for the remote, put up with talking through your favourite film or get distracted by the kids when your team are playing. Retreat to the man cave, beer in hand and flick on the sports channel or get first pick on the Friday night film.


man cave essentials - games

As well as relaxing on your own, your man cave is the perfect spot for entertaining your mates. If you’ve installed a big enough garden room, a pool table or table tennis is a great bet for when the lads come round. If it’s on the small side, opt for a dartboard or games console – you can relive your teenage years.

A bar or mini fridge

man cave essentials - bar or mini fridge

Perhaps one of the most important elements to any man cave, don’t you think? Build yourself a customised bar so you can play at being landlord but if there’s no room or you think that’s a bit extravagant, a well-stocked mini fridge will do the trick. A few bar stools, a bottle opener, ice machine and beer mats will add to the effect.

An obligatory ‘man cave sign’

Just incase the rest of the family need reminding, put a ‘man cave’ sign on the door to warn off intruders. As the popularity of man caves increases, there all kinds of signs available including cool rustic wooden or metal wall hangings, like these from personalised signs from Men Kind.


A coffee machine

man cave essentials - coffee machine

Let us set the scene, it’s a quiet, lazy Sunday morning and you have no plans whatsoever, but someone forgot to tell the kids. They’ve been watching cartoons since 6am, they’re still bursting with energy from the E numbers consumed the day before and they’ve wound the dog up so much he is barking in an attempt to compete with their noise. Meanwhile you’re nursing a headache from a few too many wines the night before. We’ve got it covered, retreat to the man cave, pour yourself a strong cup of coffee and read the paper in complete silence.


It wouldn’t be a man cave without loads of cool gadgets to show off. Why not go a step further than a super large TV and get a projector with a pull down screen as big as the wall? Create the ultimate cinema experience with a surround sound system and access to streaming services such as Netflix, Prime TV and Spotify. During the winter months, you don’t have to put up with the cold, ensure the room is always toasty by installing an app controlled under floor heating system.

A space for your hobbies

man cave essentials - a space for your hobbies

What do you love doing? Are you a musician, artist or do you love to read? Make sure there is a space to keep your instruments, somewhere you can paint, draw or keep your ever-growing collection of books.

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